Saturday, 4 October 2014

He's been tango'd!

Thankfully we have had some splendid weather to give us enough time to finish painting the exterior to this lovely vintage Bailey caravan. It's a luxurious Champagne cream and Retro orange/brown, very groovy! We've had the skylight box mended and replaced the rotten wood, have bought new locks for the windows and the outside gas storage locker painted. Next we need to add the new rubber black trim and figure out what to do with the wheels - hub caps or paint them? Hmmm..Until next time xx
My gorgeous guy handy Andy at work xx

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Finally some paint on our manly 'Bailey' Caravan!

Here's an update on the progress so far on our 'Billy' caravan...
We've collected newspapers from 1950's 60's and the 70's in keeping with the UK Bailey company's age
His body has finally been painted with etching primer paint, thank you lovely weather!! We just need to finish the roof before we start on the colour! (Eek can't wait)! and the tiny toilet room has some  old discoloured newspaper wallpaper on, I've always wanted to do a toilet that way for years now, but as we have a shower room it wouldn't be practical but trust me it will look great! It needs a touch of colour which I'm working on and I'll keep you posted :) Much love Z xx

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bringing a touch of colour and accessories to our Vintage 1969 Bailey caravan

Even though we have tonnes of work still to do with our caravan, I can't help but find some treasures to fill him up with so here are a few bits so far. All I've had to go on is a tiny piece of tartan material which will cover the seat covers, the colours are burgundy, green, blue and gold. The accessories will hopefully give you an idea of the colour scheme I have in mind. He's gonna look quite masculine as 'Gladys' (the previously designed vintage caravan) is very feminine
and am hoping 'Billy' will appeal to the men market as well as charm the ladies!
We're on an extremely tight budget so my man and I have been to all sorts of places to source items from recycling centres to rummaging in reclamation yards, at car boots and of course in charity shops. Every item we buy or has been kindly donated to us is being listed in a book so at the end of the refurbishment we can see how much it has cost us to do up.

Yes we have started to paint at last!!

 I love this Antique green colour which is covering the wardrobe door, the toilet door and It'll be used for the kitchen cupboards too. 

Busy bee sanding and stripping!

My loverly fella (who has the Patience of a saint, thank god)! handy Andy sanding the crumbling paint off the ceiling on this fabulous caravan

The ceiling is finished :)

The ceiling has been painted in cotton white and the beams stained to stand out

Busy, busy and I love it!

Well last weekend was very busy at the CVH team with an intimate birthday tea-party for 10, we had 45 of our dinner plates supplied for a wedding in Hope Cove Devon and 120 pretty vintage tea-cups, a selection of tea-pots, milk jugs, sugar bowls, bunting, gorgeous colourful vintage crochet blankets and a large brass gong were all delivered to a lovely couple at a beautiful campsite wedding venue in Polbathic, Cornwall, phew!  Now back to doing stuff to our vintage caravan!